I Want My Old Life Back

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No Such Thing - I Want My Life Back

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I’ve Fallen In Love Since My Divorce But I Still Miss My Old Life

Please enter a valid password. Keep me logged in. Want an ad-free experience? Subscribe to Independent Premium. View offers. Admitting that becoming a mother is tough remains a taboo Oleksandr Briagin. I miss my old life: Women reveal their regrets about having children. What's your biggest regret? Eventually we identified a root underground that had been there for so long it was deeply entrenched and very difficult to dig up.

This root has me running scared and I really believe that until I can deal with it I will not get properly better. Mind over matter is like weedkiller - it is not strong enough. It needs to be traced to its source and dug out. This is all poison from my old life and therefore it would do me no good at all to have my old life back, but yet I still tend to cling onto it because it is familiar. The unknown is scary. I realise this is heavy for a Sunday morning, but I think this concept needs to be explored because we all think we want our old lives back.

Posted 11 years ago. Trees x Report Trees-r-green Posted 11 years ago. Trees x Report katie. Certainly my first bout of ME was due to a very dysfunctional and stressful few years and I can see the reason for it happening and would definitly not want to return to my old life then. But once I had recovered, I then went on to have the happiest twenty plus years of my life apart from a slight blip with a horrible teenager :evil:. I had a very happy marriage, loved my job, fantastic social life, lovely home, no financial worries, and boundless energy.

I would just love to have all that back again :wah: :wah: :wah: Report LouLou Posted 11 years ago. I really do feel for you and just hope that your referral comes through very soon. It really worries me to think of you being cold, poorly and miserable. It's such a horribly isolating illness I do wish there was more I could do to help you.

I miss my old life: Women reveal their regrets about having children | The Independent

So I'll begin by giving you a big :hug: for starters. Report Teedie Posted 11 years ago. I was at a dance last night and danced alot, boy am i suffering today. Still having a stressful time with my daughter, i was actually scared to go out lasrt night and leave her, she was off the wall :puff:.

She's calm today, gone out dancing tonight, so guess who won't sleep tonight and i have work tomorrow too.

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Sorry gone off topic :oops: Report katie. Teenage daughters are VERY stressful :?

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Not easy, but it's the only way I promise :roll:. Katie xx :hug: Report alicia Posted 11 years ago. The reason we go off topic is because all these threads are really just little conversations aren't they, and what conversation remains stayed on just one topic, they flow at random, like our threads. Los Angeles commuter train slams into vehicle on track. Here are your winners for the National Book Awards. Winners and losers from Texans' huge victory. Millie Bobby Brown wore the coolest retro outfit to speak at the United Nations. Home Depot struggles with a serious, violent theft problem.

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How to Cope When You Want Your Old Life Back

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