March of the Slave Children

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The blast at the three-storey building is believed to have been caused by a gas leak. As the rescue work at the site continues […]. Global March is pleased to announce that Mr. Citing child labour as a matter of grave concern staring in the face of our country, Mr. Kharge said that Ministry of […]. Many of them start working as young as six years old. These children are subjected […]. This represents an increase in global […]. The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of has drawn the focus of enterprises towards eliminating human trafficking within their spheres of impact. The law calls for greater supply chain accountability by requiring every retail seller and manufacturer doing business in California and having annual worldwide gross receipts that […].

A similar emotion evokes a new study by Education International Research Institute — Global Corporate Taxation and Resources for Quality Public Services which has shown that a fortune worth trillions of dollars lost annually […]. Pakistani police rescued 53 students including children as young as seven years, chained from a warren of rooms in a madrassa seminary during a raid in Karachi.

The students said they were beaten up mercilessly, kept in chains, deprived of food and tortured. The students were warned that any one […]. This report is a compilation of the data collected from official agencies like National Crime Record […].

Symfonisch Blaas Orkest Drunen Parade of the Slave Children

The good news first! The sad news is that this […]. In , findings of a research commissioned by Tulane University under a grant by the US Government showed that a staggering 1. The students said they were beaten up mercilessly, kept in chains, deprived […]. Zero Discrimination […].

March of the Slave Children (from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom)

The offenses pertaining to kidnapping and abduction of children, procurement of minor girls, buying or selling of girls for prostitution […]. Together we hold governments to account for their promises repeatedly made to provide Education for All. Goods from countries that ILAB […].

The Uzbekistan regime has long received wide criticism for its coercive policy of using child labour during her cotton harvests every year. The recent case of 13 year-old Bakhodir, is such a child labourer who fell into coma after being hit by a car has become another reason for this […]. Among its key policy statements is a resolution on child labour the lack of adequate […]. The protests have been going on […]. The aim has been to establish a day for trade union mobilisation all over the world — a day when all trade unions across […].

It is an opportunity for UNESCO and Education International EI to promote the profession and its relevant international standards and for the rest of the world to celebrate all teachers around the world and the incredible […]. As the global economy grapples with the second wave of recession, the employment and labour ministers of the G20 nations met in Paris on September to discuss how to address the challenges created by the financial crisis.

In a statement addressed to the G20 meeting, Ms Sharan Burrow, […]. India has ratified only four core ILO labour Conventions. The incidence of child labour is inextricably linked to the denial of decent working conditions for adults.

Enslaved on the lake

A parent enjoying decent working conditions, including a living wage, is less likely to send children to work to contribute to family income than a worker whose fundamental rights are violated. Children are not responsible for war, yet it robs them of their childhood. Wars and conflicts leave a trail of destruction behind them, especially for innocent children […]. The regular e-newsletter includes a broad range […].

In 1855, Mary Mildred Williams energized the abolitionist movement

EI, together with Amnesty International, has called on its member […]. The new data shows that despite an overall increase […]. Participants join because they share the conviction that business practices rooted in universal […]. Adolescentes de […]. Adolescentes de Alajuelita y […]. Accountant for the […]. As was the case with the entire international community, Global March was […]. The new protocol will enable the Committee on the Rights of […]. Vienna, Austria — Human trafficking for forced labor might be a greater problem than the more widely known problem of trafficking for sexual exploitation, says Kristiina Kangaspunta, the chief of the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit for the U.

On this day in , thousands of schoolchildren took to the streets of Soweto, South Africa. In a march more than half a mile long, they protested the inferior quality of their education and […]. Domestic workers play an important role in the economy and they allow others to go out and earn money. Yet they remain invisible, unprotected and their contribution is often not recognised.

Worldwide News – Global March

Born into […]. The resolution was adopted […]. Colombia and the Americas maintain the lead in a grim record of murder and repression of workers involved in trade union activities in the latest world […]. By focusing international attention where human rights are violated, the organisation aims to give voice to the oppressed and hold oppressors accountable for their crimes.

HRW conducts rigorous, objective investigations and strategic, […]. As part of this campaign, […]. The report describes its programmes and achievements in five tobacco-growing countries in Central Asia and Africa: Kyrgyzstan, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. It also sets out its new strategic plan of action […].

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  • In 1855, Mary Mildred Williams energized the abolitionist movement.

The one-day consultation was held in New Delhi, India, on 11 May […]. Ensuring gender equality in education […]. The report cites figures issued by DANE, the national statistics agency, […]. Department of […]. Under the new law, those found guilty of helping to transport illegal migrants into the country could now face prison terms of up to 15 years and a large fine.

According to a recent article in a national newspaper, the Family Aids Caring Trust FACT , a civil society organisation operating in the country, claims that nearly 60 per cent of […]. The number of children living and working on the streets worldwide is now estimated at over million, according to the UN Human Rights […].

At a time when the world acknowledges […]. India has the distinction of having the largest area under cotton cultivation in the world and has been a pioneer in developing hybrid cotton seeds for commercial use.

The Indian cotton seed industry is also marked by a high proportion of child labour among its workforce. The award was established to ensure that the spirit of Iqbal Masih would live on. Iqbal Masih […]. Carried out from , these processes focused on building capacities of countries in the region to review progress and challenges […].

The current spike in global food prices is attracting attention globally but not to the extent that it requires. There are million workers in the unorganised sector in India who are not covered by any social security measures, including the Minimum Wage Act In order to have a uniform wage structure and to reduce the disparity in minimum wages across the country, a concept of National Floor […].

Labour Minister Yunus Mussa hinted at such a development in an interview in national newspapers earlier this month and the Child […]. Human Rights Watch HRW has published its 21st Annual World Report summarising human rights conditions in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide. It reflects extensive investigative work undertaken in by Human Rights Watch staff, usually in close partnership with domestic human rights activists. According to HRW, with increasing […]. Since its launch on […].